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Lamp Recycling Program

Lamp Recycling Program

With today's growing energy costs, energy efficiency is a hot topic for everyone. Generally speaking, fluorescent lamps are four to five times more efficient than incandescent. The downside is that fluorescent lamps contain mercury — a highly toxic heavy metal that when put into landfills leaches into the ground water and contaminates streams, rivers, lakes and drinking water.

Hazardous Material Disposal

It is only with proper recycling that landfill contamination and the costly fines associated with it can be avoided. To that end, HD Supply has partnered with HTR-Group, a fully certified resource recovery facility equipped to recycle 100% of your spent lamps — nothing is ever land filled!

Lamp recycing is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Estimate
    • Complete an Order form or request a customized lamp recycling estimate from your HD Supply Sales Rep or Order Desk when placing an order for replacement lamps (only available on cases).
  2. Order
    • Review and approve the estimate to add recycling to your order. We'll send you a starter kit that includes shipping labels and detailed instructions on how to package and prepare your spent lamps.
  3. Ship
    • Follow the simple instructions to pack your spent lamps, attach the enclosed shipping labels and call for pick-up when you're ready.

It's really that simple! We'll take care of the rest and you'll receive a Certificate of Recycle upon completion.

Click here to download our Order Form.

Regulations related to mercury

Under fedral and provincial hazardous waste disposal regulations, companies who are disposing of mercury-bearing products are required to perform a standard leachate test for mercury. In Ontario, under Regulation 347 for example, if the leachate results exceed 0.01 mg/kg, then the company must handle the waste as hazardous waste. This means that the waste cannot be disposed of in an ordinary landfill. Virutually all fluorescent and HID lamps will exceed the leachate toxicity limit, therefore these waste must be registered and treated as hazardous waste or sent for recycling.

The quantity limit for mercury waste that can be disposed in a landfill is 5 kg per month, which is approximately equivalent to 17 standard 4 feet 1.5 inch diameter tube lights (amounts of mercury vary from brand to brand).

- Environment Canada Pollution Prevention Fact Sheet #21 - Managing Mercury-Bearing Electrical Products

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