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Rebates and Incentives

Rebates & Incentives

With protecting the environment identified as the number one priority of Canadians in 2004, utility companies and federal, provincial and municipal governments all offer rebates and incentives for businesses (and consumers) to go green.

These programs are designed to lessen the initial investment and subsequent payback time of switching to energy efficient and environmentally preferable products and services.

The searchable databases below enable you to quickly find programs and incentives available in your area.

Environment Canada

Find government grants, rebates, discounts and other incentives available to support energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste reduction. Click here to search the database.

Natural Resources Canada

Find rebates and incentives offered by major gas and electric utility companies to support energy efficiency and alternative energy. Click here to search the database.

Electricity Retrofit Incentive Programs in Ontario

These programs are designed to influence businesses toward the most energy effiecient equipment in the areas of lighting, motors, heating ventilation and air conditioning and overall electricity systems.

Click here to access the forms and find out if your local distribution company is participating.

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